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  1. Asset Risk Protection
  2. Income & Other Financial Risk Exposures
  3. Liability Risks & Exposures
insurance brokers
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RMS Insurance Brokers is an authorized financial services provider.
insurance brokers
insurance brokers
insurance brokers
RMS Insurance Brokers provides an extensive range of insurance policies and solutions. Although many of these insurance policies may not meet your needs today, we recommend that you review this list regularly, as the structure of your organisation may change and therefore your requirements in this regard.

Please notes that the below list of products does not include all policies available within the global insurance markets that we have access to and that the availability of some classes may be subject to market conditions at the time.

Asset Risk Protection

Aviation Hull Loss of or damage to aircraft and related equipment.
Boiler Explosion Covers loss or damage due to explosion or collapse of boilers and/or pressure vessels requiring a certificate of registration.
Burglary Theft of property following forcible and violent entry to premises.
Contract Works Loss or damage to the project during construction.
Contractors' Plant & Machinery Loss or damage to unregistered mobile plant, drilling rigs and the like, including plant hired in and out.
Crop Fire or hail damage to growing crops.
Electronic Equipment Material damage and/or loss of data following.
Fire & Perils Damage to fixed assets caused by a range of nominated risks.
General Property Covers tools of trade etc. away from business premises.
Glass Damage to fixed glass.
Householders Loss or damage to residential premises and their contents.
Laptop Covers laptops & electronic equipment whilst in transit etc.
Machinery Breakdown Cost to repair following mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and equipment.
Marine Cargo/ Transit Damage to goods whilst in transit, by road, rail, sea or air.
Mobile phone Covers mobiles /pagers etc. for damage in transit, burglary etc.
Motor/Cycle /Caravan Loss or damage to registered vehicles.
Personal Valuables Loss or damage to jewellery, works of art and other valuables.
Theft Theft of property in open air and/or without forcible entry.

Income & Other Financial Risk Exposures

Accounts Receivable Covers loss due to inability of the insured to collect amounts owing from customers as the direct result of loss or damage by an insured peril to records of accounts receivable which are contained in the premises.
Business Interruption Loss of income and increased expenses due to damage to fixed assets.
Computer Breakdown Profits Loss of income and increased expenses following mechanical and electronic breakdown of computer equipment.
Computer Crime Loss of funds following tampering with computer systems.
Fidelity Guarantee Losses due to the dishonesty of employees.
Intellectual Property/Patent Infringement Legal expenses incurred to defend patent, trademark, copyright etc. or to pursue breaches of your patents etc.
Machinery Breakdown Profits Loss of income and expenses following breakdown of key plant and equipment.
Marine Profits Loss of income and increased expenses following marine transit material damage claims.
Money Loss or damage to cash, cheques, negotiable instruments.
Personal Accident & Illness Death or disability following an accident or illness.
SASRIA - Political Risks & Strike Confiscation, expropriation, nationalization, requisition, destruction or deprivation by actions of governments or local authorities of countries in which the insured may trade. Additional expenses incurred following labour disturbances.

Liability Risks & Exposures

Association Liability This provides indemnity to those who hold positions on management committees of incorporated organizations against negligent acts, errors or omissions.
Defamation/Libel & Slander Damages and defence costs following defamation, libel and slander.
Directors & Officers Liability Damages following a wrongful act committed by the directors or officers of a company.
Employers Liability Accident Make-up Pay Pays "Gap" between Workers' Compensation Act benefits and actual weekly pay.
Environmental Impairment Liability Bodily injury and property damage following gradual pollution.
Marine Liability Bodily injury and property damage arising from:
  • Carriers liability
  • Chatterers liability
  • Container liability
  • Stevedore liability
Motor - Compulsory Third Party Bodily injury arising from registered vehicles.
Public Liability Bodily injury and property damage arising from business activities.
Products Liability Bodily injury and property damage arising from products manufactured, imported or sold.
Statutory Liability Protects innocent employers & individuals from fines & legal expenses arising from breaches of legislation.
Trustees Liability Damages following mismanagement of superannuation funds by trustees.
Umbrella Liability Provides cover in excess of standard Broadform Liability policies, including Motor Third Party, but also provides blanket cover for many areas excluded by those policies.
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